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However, you should seriously consider looking into why a character has a certain flaw.

The reason grounds the flaw, and gives the reader a basis on which to judge it less harshly.

These are traits that become negative when taken to extremes. ” It’s not the only way to position a polar trait, but it’s the easiest.

A virtue taken too far is easily positioned as reasonable from the character’s perspective. As Limyaael points out, “too unselfish” doesn’t count.

Even if you simply hint at one, it’s still better than nothing.

You’ll have to explore the situation and backstory to get a handle on that one. Some say the flaw should be consistent throughout the story; others think it should be redeemable. As long as it’s believable and satisfying, One way to find the middle ground is to have a foundational flaw (the one that impedes the character in the story) to be redeemed, and other flaws to keep around. This is where you get the term “fatal flaw.” The flaw causes death, or at the very least, a lack of achieving the goal. Although you could throw in a transformation too late to save him. It makes his strengths shine in comparison, his mistakes make sense, and his conflict more gripping.The further you take it, the more depth you give the character. As long as you know how they interconnect, you’re set up to work on the Theme when the time comes.This layering is even better if you can connect it to one of the sins or chief features. It can be hard to figure out the ways that a sin or chief feature might manifest, so these are specific flaws you can use.He’s either a victim of circumstances, or has no personal stakes in the story Flaws add a skintight layer of conflict.It can be defensive external conflict or guilt-ridden inner conflict.It can be made believable by showing the internal conflict. It works with the flaw because it isn’t an instinctive reaction like fear. Flaws serve to add depth and conflict, establish empathy, and make the character more memorable.If a character is perfect, then all the conflict in the story is someone else’s fault.It has to be so extreme that there’s no mistaking that it’s a flaw.We’re talking about taking organized up a notch to control freak and then slamming it to flat out manipulative.


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