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If blood and guts are too much, the video at the end of this dispatch is not for you.

Do not click the button if your stomach is too weak for war. Underneath that ground is the end of your legs, your testicles, and your life.

No one is lying about the brutal conflict..just cant show this gory shit on TV. Do you REALLY need to see a real death on the news to believe people care about our troops?

This isnt the Soviet Union invading and occupying....are there helping out the Afghani's...

Someday these guys will be back and may be on the ambulance crew you see working an accident on your local highway. I am also concerned about the US soldier who did not seek treatment for his "headache".

It is an indicator of a TBI, they are sneaky and insidious and can ruin a young man's life.

Somebody needs to identify him and save the video footage as he will need it as evidence in order to get any future disability benefits as the military is still having some difficulty acknowledging alot of these cases. Stay safe I've been in EMS for over 15yrs, seen plenty of trauma's and that's a a classic "as bad as it gets" call. They were completly focused on the job, not the tragedy, got the job done and moved on.

If you are not ready to be shot in the face or blown to smoking pieces, better to find another line of work.

The bomb dogs provide a sense of confidence, as do the various gadgets.


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