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"Joe Johnston showed me some of the ideas he has for Boba Fett, and I remember asking myself what his spaceship would look like.

I'm surprised Vader didn't just mind-choke Fett on the spot when he turned up looking for the Han Solo bounty in , and nick his ride.Designs continued until I hit on the idea of the "Personnel Pod" separating from the 'Light Speed Unit' mount in order to better maneuver into a docking approach."Building on the 2-in-1 concept, I began to refine the shapes and also advanced my warp engine concept to a new level.I incorporated the impulse engines into the back of the warp engines and then, wanting to suggest a Vulcan design influence, changed the engines' cross-section to the shape of the ceremonial gong that was seen on Vulcan in the original series episode: 'Amok Time'." There's far more than the above detail at Andrew's site, with tons of photos and early concept sketches, and I really recommend a click on that link.Every frame of CGI in the movie had an average of 250,000 polygons, and was rendered at 3000x5000 pixels in 36-bit colour. Frontier models have a beautiful mounted hobby resin kit available. Unsatisfied with another kit version, Randy Cooper scratch-built a Gunstar and sold it to Monsters In Motion (scroll down a bit).As for CG hobbyists, it's not inappropriate that there be a basic mesh of the ship available.The bisected forward section give the Falcon a real sense of forward movement, and putting the cockpit, itself a beautiful design, on the side of the ship is a lovely NASA touch, as is the off-set communications dish.George Lucas describes the visual dynamic of the ship as 'a hamburger with an olive on the side'.When we were building the ship at ILM, somebody looked at street lamps and pointed out that they looked like Boba's ship.So everyone began to think that was where I got the idea for the design." prequels was the very welcome return of this popular ship, which, in my opinion, almost entirely accounts for the popularity of Boba Fett (and, paradoxically later, his dad Jango) himself.I can't figure out to this day what kind of armature and model combination made that manoeuvre possible or even remotely filmable - I just know it's one of the coolest things I have ever seen a screen spaceship do.Those of us who are fans of the ship and want to know more about it have lucked out about as much as we could hope for: we were developing featured a brand new warp engine design, I thought these engines should look like the original versions from the television series.


  1. There must be some street-lamps in America with designs very unfamiliar to me, given how many people have commented that bounty hunter Boba Fett's bizarre.

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