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Animal lovers dating service

The title of this page didn't come from the dream, but after the fact, when I was thinking about why I had these dreams about animals.The title jumped into my head while I was sitting on the sofa just thinking.7-5-88 - DREAM -I went to a baseball game which turned into a horseshow and met some people.I wanted him off the bed, but he was really strong, and he wasn't going to get off the bed by himself and he fought against me to push him off the bed.

We drove through a small forest and finally came to the end of the road which ended at a huge cliff with a valley below.

I was afraid of them but they were caged, so managed to walk past unscathed.

But then I had to go around a corner, and there was a large white bull - like a Texas steer with big horns, and it wasn't caged, just tethered by a cord to the next door I had to go through.

There was a large man sleeping in a pup tent under his car near my bedroom, so I decided it wasn't safe to take a shower with him there.

I was sitting on my bed and a red rooster came along.


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