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He decided to wait for a break or intermission and then slip out. "I am addicted to internet sex stories and they are ruining my life." There was a chorus of AMENs from the group.

Nigel continued by telling the group that the meeting would be conducted much like an 'AA' meeting. " Nigel opened the soul cleansing portion of the meeting by calling for volunteers to share their stories. Nigel directed him to the podium "My name is David." "Hello... "I am addicted to internet sex stories and they have me obsessed with fucking my 19 year old Daughter, Taylor.

That particular category had a lot of angry followers (both men and women) who are more than willing to post negative comments.

Nigel explained how easy it was to solicit negative comments in that category.

"Our group is dedicated to destroying websites like Literotica and Sexstories," Nigel gleefully stated.

"However, stories about father and daughters and incest don't seem to disturb our group as much as stories about cheating wives, but we can still make sarcastic remarks about them.

"There are men all over the world who get really angry and upset when a story is about a cheating wife because they can relate.

Men with LITTLE cocks hate to hear about women who cheat with men who have very LARGE cocks because it makes them realize they are such inadequate lovers.

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A cheating wife story will also force men with little cocks to face their inadequacies; their inferiority complexes.I find most will almost always post negative or sarcastic comments. "I am 65 years old and I have been a widower for the past three years.So let's hear from someone with a cheating wife story." A short fat man raised his hand and was asked to approach the podium. Nigel told the crowd that this man's story was not about a cheating wife, but was almost as bad. The man approached the podium and addressed the group. I have become addicted to reading sex stories on Literotica and Sexstories." A low groan came from the crowd."Well....everything was fine when I first moved into the Retirement Village.I hooked up with two beautiful women and was getting to fuck at least one of them every night.Our members don't even have to read the stories to make negative remarks about them.We have sent out a list of disparaging comments that can fit just about any story. " "Story was not consistent." "Idiotic characters -- Ridiculous dialogue." "Hard to follow." "Your spelling is terrible." "Wrong Category." "You have just paved the road to Ruin." And if you really can't find anything grammatically wrong with the story, you can resort to sarcasms.He had heard that a group of people met there every Friday and night to discuss their addiction. He spotted the welcome sign over a door at the rear of the room. The sign in front of the room invited one and all to come in and share their story with the group. He was dressed like an eccentric college professor and his thin gray hair was a mess. He was debating a way to slip out without drawing too much attention to himself.Unfortunately he had selected a seat in the middle of the row and would have to climb over too many people to escape.Anyone that is so moved can come to the podium and voluntarily share their story with the group. A middle aged man in the back hesitantly raised his hand and was invited to the podium. Every since I read a story on Literotica I think of nothing but finding a way to fuck my nineteen year old daughter." A low groan came from the crowd."I read a story entitled TAYLOR'S PRIVACY INVADED and it inspired me to put a video cam in my daughter's bedroom and I watch her during her most private moments.


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