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They see it as whining, complaining, exaggerating, being mistaken, everything but being what it is.And certainly the same may well be true for dealing with closed minded blacks or other minorities, only other people of color may be be able to get through to them also.In other words, Tobi is a true “Renaissance Woman.” I must say I’ve never even heard of the term Swirl until I came across this podcast and I’m an African American male and my wife is half Italian and half African American. I’m learning quite a few things from just a few episodes and looking forward to listening to more and joining the FB group. Tina’s “Dr Romance Blog” for information and a link to the blog. Happiness Tips From Tina: An archive of practical how-to’s for making your life happier and healthier. Individual and Couple Therapy In my psychotherapy practice as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I welcome the opportunity to use my skills to help enhance your existing lifestyle, and to teach you the process for getting the very best out of your life. Bestselling Self-Help Books As the author of fifteen books, published in many languages, my goal is to give you the information you need to create the life you want.

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December 23, 2013 Special Guest: Sarah Cato Retired Attorney, genealogist and tour provider Sarah Cato will discuss the 56th United States Colored Troops recognition program. December 5, 2013 Special Guest: Sharon Batiste Gillins Genealogist Sharon Batiste Gillins will discuss the rich resources available in Record Group 105 of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1872 November 25, 2013 Guests: April Hynes and Reverend Fred Morton Join my special guests April Hynes and Reverend Fred Morton for a discussion of the Wanderer Project.

We pursue interests as diverse as our skin tones and hair textures!

Contrary to popular belief, Black women are NOT a monolith.

In the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin trial, I have watched the racial division get even more entrenched between those I feel are trying very hard to get people to to realize the many subtle and profound ways race plays into life in America, and those on the other side who simply refuse to see it.

I think I have come to realize that blogs like mine either preach to the choir of those who are like-minded already (though it has been a joy to meet so many through this blog) or it goes to those who simply want to argue and no matter what logic is used, prefer to discount.


  1. Date Smarter, Not Harder Relationships Talk Show. After 8 long years on the BlogTalkRadio airwaves, the show is coming to an end, 10/17/2016, Free, View in iTunes. Interracial relationships have always gone on in the black community.

  2. Discover the best of news, entertainment, comedy, sports and talk radio on demand. Swirlers - men and women involved in interracial and intercultural relationships. diverse guests discussing topics of interest about dating, marriage, parenting. Download · Newsroom · Stitcher Blog · Careers · FAQs · Contact · Privacy.

  3. Books about dating, relationship advice, addiction, self help, interracial dating. Check out Dr. Tina's “Dr Romance Blog” for information and a link to the blog.

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