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Japan, Baidu, Alibaba, Amazon, Rakuten, Wider Planet, Microsoft, Yahoo!Research, Google, IBM, e Bay, Huawei, Yandex, Hitachi, JASIST, and Facebook, had booths in one of the conference ballrooms.A stroll through the Kaiyu-style Japanese garden, with smiling cherub-like statues and a three-story pagoda, brings a sense of serenity and escape from the harried lifestyle of modern Japan.Basho Matsuo, one of Japan’s famous poets, lived by the gardens in the early Edo Era; Basho’s haikus are well known for evoking quiet contemplation and appreciation of nature.The other presentations in the session were: I highly recommend the short paper resource section of the proceedings to practitioners in the field who are looking for a public data set for quick prototyping without the hassles of data extraction, or data for implementation studies for patenting and publishing.Another interesting session for scientists in industry was The SIGIR Symposium on IR in Practice (SIRIP), organized by Sumio Fujita of Yahoo! SIRIP spanned a full day and featured three sessions: Start-Ups and Beyond; Start-up Research and Academic Collaboration, and Research at Large-scale Search Engines.

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In addition to their participation in the conference sessions, Sogou, Naver, and other corporate sponsors, e.g., Yahoo!

Naver is the most popular search engine in South Korea.

In his talk "" Inho Kang of Naver described the search engine’s history and its activities in South Korea.

Sogou recognized that Chinese search engine users are interested in "accessing the large amount of foreign language information (to) understand what is happening all over the world." In " as a cross-lingual information retrieval system that enables users to conduct internet searches in English, using Chinese as the language for input and display of results.

Sougou English automatically: (1) translates Chinese queries into English, (2) conducts searches over the Internet in English, (3) retrieves information in English, (4) translates retrieved results into Chinese, and (5) displays results to the user in Chinese.


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