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Cambodian women dating

Some came here because they suffered from a severe burn-out in the West.

Other came because they just wanted an easier life, and easier it is for a Westerner with the means the support himself decently.

A lot of them are what’s generally called hostess bars, which is just another word for bars where prostitutes hang out.Finally, Cambodian young women saw ‘normal’ Western people – not dressed in a soldier’s uniform.But the trend to hook up with a Westerner still hadn’t taken hold.The ones that did, were immediately marked as ‘flighty’ or worse.But all that changed later on when normal foreigners entered the country as members of NGOs or businesses that set up shop here.Some wanted to escape the generally regimented life.Many fled the dreary climates in central and northern Europe.Whereas Western men first see the beauty of the girl, or woman (if she indeed is beautiful; I am astonished what ugly girls some men pick.), Khmer women don’t really care that much about either looks or age.Western men usually think love first, and money second.At the very least the parents must give their approval.Cambodian young people don’t really go up against their parents, and that goes especially for Cambodian young women. It is still a deeply ingrained tradition among Khmer ethnic people that the husband moves in with his in-laws. It’s the other way around with Chinese ethnic people.


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