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PESHAWAR / SWAT: The partition of the subcontinent was, at once, a birth and an abortion.

It not only carved out two new countries, India and Pakistan, but also led to the demise of over 500 princely states.

In 1954, a powerful advisory council was established.

This body continued to rule over the district until 1969, when the state was formally merged into Pakistan.

Even after the merger, he would meet with the public daily and listen to their problems,” said Nisar Ahmad Khan, personal attorney of the royal family.

According to Nisar, the popularity of the family is evident by the ease and frequency with which family members won elections.

The family’s victories during polls are not few or far between.

No longer united, it seems that the royal family’s role is, indeed, weakening.

Stories of Swat In the past, Swat was considered a prosperous and peaceful state, more developed than its surrounding areas.


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