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Christian helps her mother with the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) organization.

This organization was created by her mother after the loss of her son in 1991.

A prodigious learner, Hugo entered the University of Leiden when he was just eleven years old.

There he studied with some of the most acclaimed intellectuals in northern Europe, including Franciscus Junius, Joseph Justus Scaliger, and Rudolph Snellius.

The book features a poem Christian wrote when she was eight.

which works to engage youth in the areas of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault prevention.

At age sixteen he published his first book: a scholarly edition of the late antique author Martianus Capella's work on the seven liberal arts, Martiani Minei Felicis Capellæ Carthaginiensis viri proconsularis Satyricon, in quo De nuptiis Philologiæ & Mercurij libri duo, & De septem artibus liberalibus libri singulares. Grotii illustrati [The Satyricon by Martianus Minneus Felix Capella, a man from Carthage, which includes the two books of 'On the Marriage of Philology and Mercury', and the book named 'On the Seven Liberal Arts'.

Everything, including corrections, annotations as well as deletions and illustrations by Hug. In Holland, Grotius earned an appointment as advocate to The Hague in 1599 and then as official historiographer for the States of Holland in 1601.

Grotius sought to ground his defense of the seizure in terms of the natural principles of justice.

In The Free Sea (Mare Liberum, published 1609) Grotius formulated the new principle that the sea was international territory and all nations were free to use it for seafaring trade.

Grotius, by claiming 'free seas' (Freedom of the seas), provided suitable ideological justification for the Dutch breaking up of various trade monopolies through its formidable naval power (and then establishing its own monopoly).

She hosts cocktail events to showcase jewelry made by girls participating in the Jewel Girls program.

Christian maintains close friendships with fellow South of Nowhere cast members Maeve Quinlan and Mandy Musgrave.


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