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Concept of speed dating

We always make sure there is a balanced ratio of men and women at our events.

Scott Davidoff of CMU gave an interesting presentation today at Ubicomp on a design method for rapidly exploring application design – Speed Dating.

In summary: – Finding the right concept strategy is important but largely unsupported – His Speed Dating concept is a possible process that can be added to the design toolbox between sketching and prototyping – Speed Dating is Low-cost engaging – It allows you to learn about unpredictable consequences – Can help you evolve your application – Can help you focus on what matters most.

February 19, 2014; San Francisco Business Journal Earlier this week, more than 150 Bay Area nonprofit organizations and 1,000 potential board members convened for the ninth annual Board Match event hosted by the Volunteer Center serving San Francisco and San Mateo counties.

But since many nonprofits still struggle to find effective board members, this idea may be worth expanding. When the Board Match event was initiated in 2005, only a few hundred potential board members were in attendance.

Now, with more than a thousand candidates present, many of the nonprofits return year after year to meet and recruit new directors.

He then talked us his teams process for getting the right idea: Observations = Kids’ activities cause stress - Strategy: this is a problem, so fix it. He then explained user enactments: Scenarios that people liked were made more tangible through low-fidelity prototypes in order to test and identify boundaries in acceptable behavior.

He showed a common scenario that had raised questions with the families from the study.

Scott then used his study as an example to illustrate the larger themes that emerged, such as: – Kid’s activities not “problems” – Kid’s are in activities to learn lessons about life – Actions have consequences – Parents want to protect their kids – Also want kids to learn responsibilities Implications for design of their system were: – can’t approach activities to “fix” problems – systems need to help kids learn to help themselves – kids have to learn about consequences and responsibility – in some places, assistance in inappropriate – parent must be part of the loop Understanding of the right idea from his project was that they needed to change their design strategy.Such events may also help combat some of the leadership challenges of running a self-perpetuating (or self-nominating) board.Self-perpetuating boards are tempted to recruit new board members from amongst their friends and colleagues and thereby run the risk of becoming unrepresentative of the target population and service area.He and his colleagues had conducted ethnographic studies on families and their children.Like many ethnographic studies – theirs uncovered many needs.Speed Dating Design Method Speed dating was a dating strategy born out of a need for busy professionals to optimize the time they spent… The theory goes that if you’re going to invest an hour of your life to romance, why meet just one person… While arguably speed dating may not be a sound strategy for finding love, the one can’t deny the logic: experience with more people will at the very least give you a better understanding of what you want.Scott’s speed dating concept simply replaces potential romantic partners with concepts.In a philanthropic version of “speed dating,” nonprofit executives staffed booths, shared their mission, answered questions, and interviewed potential candidates on the spot.Speed dating for board members and volunteers is not a new concept; we have reported on similar events that have been held in other cities.He explained that they came up with countless concepts. He continued that the common approach might be: Why not build it and see?There were several key reasons why this was not the best approach, namely: – Timing.


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  3. First, I’d like to say this article was a worthwhile read, and I was intrigued by the concept of “speed dating” between nonprofits and potential board members.

  4. Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process whose purpose is to encourage eligible singles to meet large numbers of new potential partners in a very short period.

  5. His Speed Dating concept is a possible process that can be added to the. Speed Dating as a Design MethodScott Davidoff of CMU gave an interesting.

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