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Cosmogenic dating labs

Equipment includes a phase contrast compound microscope, various binocular light microscopes with digital imaging capabilities, a fume hood and computer workstations configured for image processing, data analysis and GIS applications.

Over 3000 plant reference specimens from North America, Central America and Northern India are housed in the laboratory.

The Ultima IV is a high–quality X–ray diffractometer system that is easy to use, highly accurate, and has the versatility to meet all of our teaching and research needs in X–ray diffraction.

Director: David Lentz This facility is located in the Department of Biological Sciences and is equipped to process and analyze archaeological plant materials using light and electron microscopy.

A Core Lab SGL custom–built spectral gamma core–logging instrument is located in the Department of Geology.

It generates total API, 40K, 232Th, and 238U data; a bulk density feature allows corrections for non–uniform core diameter.

The new laboratory will be used for the processing artifacts, Quaternary invertebrate, vertebrate, and plant remains, and sediments from drill cores and excavation.

The laboratory will have a fume hood, basic laboratory equipment, 3D image scanners, a digital microscope, a computer workstation for analysis and data management, and a dedicated curation room for core, sediment, ecofact, artifact, and archival records.


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