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Dating guild acoustics

Receiving support from zoology staff at Royal Holloway, he joined in the field and was mentored by Dr. The Loch Morar Expeditions became the Loch Ness & Morar Project. The focus of work moved to Loch Ness with acoustics applications in freshwater.

His expeditions were now under the patronage of David James M. He provided logistics and services support for freshwater science teams and introduced them to echo sounders leading to the formation of the Hydro-acoustic Unit at Royal Holloway College.

(1993) A Geochemical Study of the Natural and Pollutant Compounds in Loch Ness, Scotland.

(1995) Methanogenesis in Organic Rich Sediment Cores from a Deep Oligotrophic Lake, Loch Ness.

(1996) Mineral Magnetic and Geochemical Analysis of a Sediment Core from a small Scottish Loch.

(1996) Diatom Analysis to Assess the Impact of Catchment Afforestation and Deforestation of a Small Scottish Loch.

Designed and established a deep water fixed sampling station in the northern basin of Loch Ness. (1993) The Spatial Distribution of Benthic Ostracods in the Profundal Zone of Loch Ness.

The Use of a Sediment Core to Reconstruct the Historical Input of Contaminants to Loch Ness: PCBs and PAHs.

J., (1993) Review of Current Work on Loch Ness Sediment Cores.

The Science of the Total Environment 203 : 37-49 Bennett, S., & Shine, A.

A Palaeolimnological Reconstruction of the Recent History of the Catchment of a Scottish Loch.

(1993) Patterns and Processes of Sedimentation in Loch Ness .


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