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This model has been around longer than dirt and continues to be one of the all-time favorite choices for beginners and more experienced players alike.

This model honestly puts many higher priced mandolins to shame when it comes to tone.

Quality construction and good tone at an affordable price.

Well, unlike sixpack abs while you watch TV on the couch, this one happens to have the evidence to back it up.In fact the KM-150 mandolin predates the World wide web! Picture a heavy duty steam press coming down and standing the top and back into shape from a thin solid piece of spruce and maple. In fact, the majority of lower priced all solid mandolins.Enough with all the hyped buildup, just tell me about the mandolin already! This was the case with the KM-150, up until mid 2012 when the new Kentucky factory came online. Kentucky Mandolins have been around for over 25 years.They represent the ultimate value in a "working musician's" mandolin.So, for the KM-150 to sound “very good” at such a low price, is OUTSTANDING.So yeah, it has outstanding tone for mandolin of this level.One more recent change is the usage of German Spruce and Alpine maple. In fact, it wouldn’t stack up all that well, to any of the top 00 mandolins. Something strange happens when we throw the KM-150 in with a group of average 00 mandolins. Not just competes, but actually beats out about have the other mandolins.This started in 2017 and is an example of the ongoing improvements that happen. No, it doesn’t blow away every 00 mandolin I have heard, but to be in the running is pretty amazing considering the KM-150 sale price.If you find your dog gnawing on your new mandolin, you know why! Pretty much every single thing about the KM-150 was changed.I am often asked what the specific differences are.


  1. All of our Kentucky mandolins will be setup and tested in our shop before shipment. Bridge installed and adjusted, truss rod adjusted, nut height set, fret boar

  2. Dating Martin Mandolins. Ottawa Ontario Dating Sites! The former are often too softtoned to hold their own in a session as well as having a tendency to not stay in.

  3. Kentucky KM150 Featured Instrument of The. Martin, Weber, Collings, Breedlove, Eastman, Kentucky, The. Review of three Kentucky mandolins.

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