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It was only in the early 1800's when both groups attained some organizational stability.“The 'Most Noble Grand' here is very curious, as it is not a 'modern' Freemason title, but 'Noble Grand' is used by Odd Fellows.Freemason authors assert it derives from the Bucks.

My mother and older sister, on the other hand, are members of the Order of Eastern Star.

Here are my findings: Fraternal orders did not originate from Freemasonry as usually claimed by over-enthusiastic members but their roots can be traced from the traditions of the craft guilds in England.

Sad to say, many over-enthusiastic Freemasons usually have this false misconception that the Freemasons is the oldest fraternity in the world.

Since 2009, I have traveled across the United States and Canada in search for knowledge about fraternal orders.

I studied and read over 1,000 books and journals on the Odd Fellows, Freemasons and various other Fraternal Orders.


  1. ODD FELLOWS AND FREEMASON DISPELLING MYTHS AND MISCONCEPTIONS by Louie Blake S. Sarmiento Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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