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Dating powder horns

If made correctly, the tool was airtight, waterproof, and spark-proof, with caps on both ends removed to funnel powder into the gun.The powder horn was introduced to America from Europe, where they were developed alongside gunpowder. Although they served a vital utilitarian purpose on the battlefield, powder horns also functioned as unique works of art.Some examples have original elaborate cords with knots and tassels.Many types of early guns required two different forms of gunpowder (such as a flintlock with finer priming powder for the pan, and a coarser standard powder for the main charge), necessitating two containers, a main flask and a smaller "priming flask".

Many flasks have small rings for a cord, which was slung around the neck to carry them, especially before large pockets on hunting clothes arrived in Europe in the 18th century.A new exhibit, Powder Horns: An Early American Art Form, features seven powder horns from the Historic Huguenot Street Permanent Collection dating to the late 18th and early 19th centuries.Both owner and professionally-made examples of scrimshaw are featured, as well as horns with provenance to descendants of Huguenot Street patentees.However, there was no large-scale manufacturing of these cartridges until the 19th century, and even then the benefits mostly lay with military use; the added cost made them less popular with civilian shooters until the advent of the self-contained metallic cartridge and the breech-loader.While loading a muzzleloader, an important safety concern was that when reloading a muzzle-loading gun soon after a shot there might be small pieces of wadding burning in the muzzle, which would cause the new load of powder to ignite as a flash.requiring a container for the gunpowder, which came loose.Unlike modern cartridges, these were not inserted into the gun themselves, but were rather a pre-measured amount of powder stored in a paper wrapper, sometimes with the ball included as well.The powder flask was finally rendered obsolete by the spread of breech-loading guns and the innovations brought about by Hall, Sharps, Spencer, and the later development of self-contained cartridges that were developed and marketed successfully by Oliver Winchester, after which manufactured cartridges or bullets became standard.Powder flasks were also used for priming naval cannon; such a flask would be as large as, or even larger than, a main flask for a personal sidearm.They range from very elaborately decorated works of art to early forms of consumer packaging, and are widely collected.Many were standardized military issue, but the most decorative were generally used for sporting shooting.


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  2. Sep 13, 2014. English This is a rare and extraordinary powder horn dating to 1775, just prior to the Revolutionary War. Features a stunning scrimshaw map of.

  3. And weapons. Most items date from the 16th through the mid-19th century. A very nice American made Embossed Brass powder flask, ca. 1850s. Overall.

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