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This means that while you can memorize a FEW clever things to say, the best approach is not to try to memorize a lot of stuff, no matter how cool it might sound when you read it.First of all because the second you feel ANY stress or anxiety, you'll immediately go blank in your head." :) Now I'm going to get to some specific ways you can create that kind of attraction with women in just a minute, but first let's agree on what seduction techniques should do, and how you can seduce women in an ethical way.The most important thing I teach men is how to be a better man by choosing methods that you don't have feel creepy or ashamed of.And I've also never felt that learning "seduction" or "seduction techniques" is what men REALLY wanted. The first thing I realized is that most guys are actually very ethical about pursuing women.We're not trying to harm or manipulate women, even when we're talking about 'seducing' women. And when a guy wants to know how to seduce women, he's actually talking about the same things I teach, but we're just using different words.If we can just meet women, start attraction, and keep it going, you know the rest takes care of itself. Even the guy that's out there using a ton of "routines" and scripts - this guy wants to come up with his own genuine attractive persona that women will respond to NATURALLY.

Be REAL with women and you'll have much more success.

This kind of attraction also lasts long after the night ends. And the key word here is "powerful" because that's what men love to feel. This is the kind of seduction that a woman actually WANTS from a man, believe it or not.

However, most women will not like the term seduction.

I also don't like talking about "seduction techniques" either. Mostly because I always felt that "seduction" had a bad meaning underneath it.

It sounds like sneakiness and angry male behavior, honestly.


  1. Dating and Seduction Tips. By Simon Heong - World's Foremost Authority & Dating Publisher author of the best-selling program.

  2. Jun 13, 2013. I too have one ob dating and seduction tips for guys Posted by Who calling my phone Report as abusive. Feb 15, 2015. am UTC.

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