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But when you show photos to your friends you find it hard to find a photo that reflects what you see in that person. In a casual environment with friends if you are a social person It is important that those scenarios are genuine.

We are not just attracted by looks but by how someone moves, articulates. People viewing your profile will know straight away if they can relate to you and your world.

It makes them feel like they get a glimpse of your life.

It will also help create initial content for conversations about things you might have in common or things they saw you do that makes them curious.

commissioned me to take online dating portraits of personal trainers in Los Angeles as part of their campaign to find the “hottest and healthiest” trainer in LA in association with the American Heart Association.

I’m so pleased to announce that Amanda was the winner and was voted America’s Hottest and Healthiest Trainer – congratulations Amanda!

We are dedicated to photograph your wedding with creative imagery, professionalism, style and grace.

If your online portfolio doesn't reflect thistype of ...

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You must have a solid track record of taking informal portraits ofadults or online dating style photos.

Your photo examples must consist of headshots, 3/4 body and full length.


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