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Getty said he used "the skin tone of five iconic women as a foundation" for the collection, and it was sometimes hard to tell where his sexy, body conscious pieces stopped and the models' own skin started.

It represents the final chapter to La Chapelle’s narrative in a collection of books that have captivated a generation of viewers across the globe.”The hardcover publications include more than 500 photographs of some of the world’s most recognizable faces from Pamela Anderson to Elizabeth Taylor, and Hillary Clinton to Tupac Shakur.After tremendous success in commercial photography, music videos, and filmmaking, La Chapelle has returned to the gallery settings where he first began.His work today explores the metaphysical themes of his earliest work, referencing art history and religious iconography to make profound commentaries on the contemporary world.The show ended with a black Pentecostal choir hand-chosen by La Chapelle. Jaime King at August Getty's spring 2016 presentation.They killed it, but we didn't think most of the crowd really knew what to do with them. Moving outside of their abandoned buildings and no longer carrying their robotic affects, visions of the strong woman Getty designs for emerged. Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images for August Getty Atelier" data-full-height="2000" data-full-src="https://fashionista.com/.image/c_limit,cs_srgb,fl_progressive,h_2000,q_auto:good,w_2000/MTM0NDAw OTk1MDU5ODY0ODUw/gettyimages-496758370jpg.jpg" data-full-width="1427" data-image-id="ci01dd7cff300199de" data-image-slug="Getty Images-496758370.jpg" data-public-id="MTM0NDAw OTk1MDU5ODY0ODUw"Langley Fox Hemingway at August Getty's spring 2016 presentation.Gigi is breathtaking, but her repose surrounded by men almost gave off the feeling that she had been... Which leads to our conflicted feelings about the show's message.Femininity was being worshiped, but the models, in their matching pageboy wigs, trapped in abandoned buildings wearing beautiful clothes and blank expressions, appeared more strung out on benzos than "strong and empowered." The only agency we felt in the experience was our own (as evidenced by the sea of i Phones in the air taking in every highly 'grammable moment) — this was not a sea of happy amazons taking selfies down the runway.Are all La Chapelle's pictures really innocent fun? During his 30 year career as a photographer of pop culture, David La Chapelle has shot countless celebrities, entertainers and important icons.(Seriously, there was a pick-up from a Beverly Hills hotel Wednesday night and a scheduled drop-off at a mystery location an hour later.) We weren't really sure what to expect.But 21-year-old Getty, who showed his first collection just last year, teamed with famed (and scandal-prone) photographer David La Chapelle for the presentation, so we were intrigued.


  1. Renowned artist david lachapelle has revealed his long-awaited. the taschen publication chronicles lachapelle's strongest images to date and.

  2. David LaChapelle is a celebrated American photographer and video artist. View David LaChapelle's 822 artworks on artnet. Find an in-depth biography.

  3. Find the best of David LaChapelle, including photographs, prints for sale, his biography, current shows, and articles on Artsy. Discovered by Andy Warhol at the.

  4. Title Amanda As Andy Warhol's Marilyn; Date 2003 - 2003; Physical Dimensions w18.25 x h22 Inch; Type Photograph; Photographer David LaChapelle.

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