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I actually prefer to watch guys with smaller dicks.

First he says he's homeless and then he says he wants a car. When he writes "I want to lieve", I wonder if he means he wants to leave Russia or if he needs money for basic living expenses.

And guys are competitive and like to show off when tipping. R159, I gather you mean 'wouldn't show anything' before.

I think jd2424 was on chatubate before under another name - something like latouros. There's another thread on datalounge about the mug shots of good looking, young guys who have been arrested. At least that snowman-dude did a ticket wank show couple of days ago.

I have 28 people in my "follow" list, and there used to be at least one, and often two or three on line at almost any time I logged in.

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Alex_bigc's dick just looks gross and groteouse to me. Plus it takes more confidence for smaller guys to show it and confidence is sexy. What I am shocked by is how many people use their real names on the site.) but there's lots of speculation he and Jaden Storm had a falling out. It's possible that some ads at CB use Flash so try and install Adblock Plus and see if it helps.(They created Voyeur Boys together.) Swift has only started camming again in the last couple weeks. I just know that since I have an i Pad, I can't download Adobe flash player and I can't watch private shows. I've noticed lately that when I log in, I frequently see "0" of the guys I follow are on line.I'm surprised how many people link their real You Tube to their profile.It's interesting going through their videos and seeing their parents, their siblings, their grandma, their house. Yes, R54, there's a guy I find totally hot on Chaturbate. They're all on one cam in one room (#1 spot) and JJ Swift is on his own cam (#4 spot) competing with them.But judging from the chat comments it wasn't his first time. Wish they'd sometimes cum in public, I mean they do practically everything else in public.He's apparently done shows with some other guy earlier under a different name. They might not look like Sean Cody models but they are so sexy. Why are there always these cunts in the chatroom telling people to do a ticket show?If I wanted to, I could contact a couple of his employers and his family back home in _________ and let them know what he does with his penis online. So they go from collaborators to competitors just like that? JJ Swift bailed on the Voyeur Boys over the summer.Apparently he had some family issues (sick or dying grandmother? R71, I very rarely get Flash crashes even though they do sometimes happen but only maybe few times a month.I've never cammed in public but I can imagine the rush of being an exhibitionist runs out pretty soon.I find most of the guys get bored of doing it after 1-3 months.


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