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Is my boyfriend on craiglist dating

Again, same answer: “Nothing happened and I’m a grown ass man and can look at what I want.” He also said no one ever actually goes through after emailing back and forth with those ads. Why in the world would you be even remotely OK with that if you don’t have a pre-agreed upon open relationship?

I repeat: your husband has been searching for casual sex at least since last September — quite possibly longer — and doesn’t seem the least bit remorseful or apologetic.

After all, you’re a grown ass woman and maybe what you want — I hope what you want — is to not be with a man who has such little regard and respect for you.Three months later I moved to Georgia to pursue my career and we ended up dating and falling in love.My sister moved back to Texas and for the last two years I have been alone, with the exception of my boyfriend and his family. I get really lonely sometimes, especially when he’s out with his friends and I’m home by myself waiting for him.Mainly, if they were in a long term relationship with a woman, would they like to be surprised by a spread of professional, tasteful boudoir and/or nude photos of their lady? Why would you want pictures of territory you’ve already explored?That’s like getting a postcard of a city you’ve traveled extensively a hundred times. ” The older (and committed) male said, “I’d be happy.He’s so serious in his search that he created a private email address and pursues women when he’s out of town.Do you need it spelled out on a blimp flown over your back yard?That you don’t seem entirely outraged that your husband has so much as looked at an ad with an interest in pursuing it suggests a history of your husband doing crappy things and you looking the other way.And WTF is this business about your husband being a “grown ass man and can look at what he wants”?Being a grown-up doesn’t mean that rules, laws, and vows suddenly don’t apply.Being a grown-up doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences to your actions.


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