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As to when this will happen all depends on when the new music gets released.

If we do get a new collection by the end of 2016, there's nothing stopping her from getting out there again as early as March 2017.

What better way to lay down your side of the story than with a chart-topping hit?

Again, judging by the reception to her previous two albums, we wouldn't rule out a reunion with pop guru Max Martin.

Ever since her self-titled debut album was released in October 2006, she's continued to put out a new record every two years., which was in November), so her fans are adamant it's coming soon.

That's despite Taylor's record label head Scott Borchetta, telling fans that there wouldn't be a new album this year.

Along the same line of thinking, Taylor is also good at writing about any part of her life.

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The only clue that we have to suggest that that's exactly what they've been doing is an Instagram post from Kesha.

But a surprise drop could end up being one of the biggest pop moments this year.

Considering the mammoth success of Taylor Swift's previous two records – – it's safe to assume that this whole pop route she's taken with her music is working out nicely.

Oh and just in case you heard this new song and thought it was Taylor Swift singing, it isn't.

Fans went crazy when Kelsea Ballerini (country singer and one of Taylor's friends) posted this clip on Snapchat, as it certainly does sound like a TS anthem.


  1. Jan 29, 2018. Kesha gave an extremely emotional performance in support of the 'Time's. Porn star Simon Rex reveals details of the brief period he dated.

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