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The “Mi Gente” remix eventually peaked at the #3 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Then he locked me in the basement overnight while he lavishly entertained his friends upstairs.

(Yeah, yeah, yeah) Say yeah, yeah, yeah Un, dos, tres, leggo' (Ay yeah, yeah, yeah) [Verso 4: J Balvin & Beyoncé] Esquina a esquina, de ahí no' vamo' (de ahí no' vamo') El mundo es grande pero lo tengo en mi' manos Estoy muy duro, sí, ok, ahí vamos Y con el tiempo nos seguimos elevando Que seguimos rompiendo aquí Esta fiesta no tiene fin Botellas para arriba, sí Mi gente no se detiene, aquí nadie se quiere ir [Pre-Coro: J Balvin, J Balvin and Willy William join forces with Beyoncé to make a remix of the massive hit “Mi Gente” to help victims from the catastrophes at Mexico, Puerto Rico and several Caribbean Islands.

All the funds raised by this song will be donated to hurricane and earthquake relief charities.

This guy would say Gandhi invented brass knuckles.” Psychiatrists are familiar with the human tendency to massage the truth to avoid confronting emotionally troubling material, but Yatom was apparently stunned at what he called the “waterfall of lies” gushing from his most illustrious patient.

His personal diary details the steady disintegration of his once invincible personality under the barrage of self-serving rationalizations put forth by Netanyahu.“I’m completely shocked,” said neighbor Yossi Bechor, whose family regularly vacationed with Yatom’s family.


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