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Millionare dating show dating football players

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Oh yes, this show is about sex and sexuality for "millionaires" who "can't find anyone" and go to this woman to help them.

Add this all up - and lets be honest: Xaviera Hollander, Sydney Biddle Barrows and Heidi Lynne Fleiss together SHOULD be offered a show on Bravo to show this woman exactly what she is doing and why most viewers can see though it.

The Millionaire Matchmaker takes us through the "business" of a woman who is a "headhunter for love" -- for millionaires. " Even that phrase makes me wanna shout "Objection! " Even if you keep an open mind, you'd think that this would be endearing, interesting -- exciting. But what got to me that with every show I saw so far the dialog was like this: Matchmaker: "What kind of woman are you looking for? Good looking, nice, in shape." Matchmaker: "Are you looking for a long term relationship? That's what makes this show utterly unbelievable.

Instead it is turning out to be boring, unbelievable and very close to --- disgusting. We KNOW what HE is looking for and we KNOW what the women they brought in are looking for and We KNOW what this matchmaker gets for doing this.

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  1. With Patti Stanger, Destin Pfaff, Rachel Federoff, Nicki Monti. In Los Angeles, Patti Stanger runs an agency that pairs millionaires with the men and women.

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