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In the Mongolian language, duu means song; and the genitive word zohioliin derives from the noun for a literary composition.Among the most popular forms of modern music in Mongolia are Western pop and rock genres and the mass songs, which are written by modern authors in a form of folk songs.This genre is called "Long song" (Urtyn duu) because each syllable of text is extended for a long duration. Lyrical themes vary depending on context; they can be philosophical, religious, romance, or celebratory, and often use horses as a symbol or theme repeated throughout the song.A few of the younger Mongolian popular artists are becoming increasingly well established internationally, mostly notably, the young female singer Nominjin (singing in 8 languages in a variety of genres) and Amarkhuu Borkhuu, a star of the Russian pop music.Hip hop/Rap has gained considerable popularity in Mongolia.Perhaps the best-known musical form of the Mongols is the throat singing tradition known as khoomii, extant among all or most Mongols, shared with Turkic groups throughout Siberia, best known internationally in the case of Tuva. In Mongolia, the most famous throat-singers include Khalkhas like Gereltsogt and Sundui.This unique type of singing involves the production of two distinctively audible pitches at the same time, including a low pedal note, or drone, derived from the fundamental frequency of the vocal cord vibrations, and higher melodic notes that result when the singer's mouth acts as a filter, selecting one note at a time from among the drone's natural overtone series pitches.Eastern Mongols typically use a morin khuur (horse-head fiddle) as accompaniment, sometimes with a type of indigenous flute named limbe.Oirat groups of the Western Mongols typically sing long songs unaccompanied or accompanied with the igil.For some reason single rappers had never “made it” into the Mongolian hip hop scene.Although, the Mongolian-Swedish rapper Battulga Munkhbayar, also known as The yellow Eminem and 50 öre, has made it to the big stages in Sweden, because of his unique rap style. The later two groups represented the beginning of rap in Mongolia.


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