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…I declined of course :) Then came the phone call I had been waiting , he was upset , said he didn't want that we split but his family and friends demanded he finish with me and find someone who would marry him and provide the stable future , I agreed that we should finish for the obvious reasons being that I really did know why he was with me now and as the relationship had been a scam anyway , but I totally resented that the family and friends were making that decision , again it made me very aware of what power the family had over him and that is really worth considering as family and friends come first before the wives.

Combine your choice of ritual with a Hammam to cleanse and exfoliate the skin leaving it hydrated and soft, a Rhassoul to draw out toxins and impurities or Salt Infused Steam to benefit respiratory conditions and soothe weary aching bodies.May 2011 we returned to Morocco together , there was a distant silence between us on that trip …I went to Casablanca for business purpose and he went to Essaouira to his family , he took a short vacation to his favourite small village " Imssouan " with his younger brother(even though he has no money) , he still contacted daily over the next coming week and actually asked if I could pay for the hotel they were staying with my credit card , unbelievable !!!Ideally followed by a massage with oil for relaxation & regeneration or as part of a detox or regular maintenance programme.Perfect to prepare your skin before honeymoon or holiday.he advised me she wanted me to wear this on our wedding day and that I should be considering to do it very soon !!!He bought rings when I was not with him "gold one for me , with his initials heavily engraved on the surface to show who owned this woman and a silver band for himself ( it would seem that I had now become the fiance ) At this point I searched the web for information on marrying a Moroccan and LUCKILY found this site ,began to read in amazement how many similarities there were to my already current situation.he said his family would let us continue the relationship without the marriage if they could see something more positive for his future ie home or commercial property being bought , he pleaded and begged with me to consider more , he was willing to make compromises and would accept a few thousand Euros to make a small business(sandwich bar in his favourite small village ) , this would make everyone happy and we could still be together , blaming his family and friends for making decisions that he had to stand by but this was so unbelievable what I was hearing that I actually opened the speaker on my phone and let my British colleague listen , she had worked in Morocco for 12 years and was not the least bit surprised J Being the " X " was very ınteresting !!yes , a few weeks later he called me (surprise, surprise ) to ask me if I was sure I didn't want him anymore as there was one woman who was interested in him (Scottish Woman also) and that he was sure she would give him the stability he wanted in his life (this meaning marriage and his own business ) he told me she likes Morocco very much(she was speaking French better than him) she was very rich and would be able to fund his business , so there was chance she could be the one to fulfill his dream ,and he had to mention that she did not mind living in the dıngy back street apartments(that I complained about) :) , he went on to say she is not beautiful but that didn't matter as it's a deal , he said " those women just want love as they cant find it in their own country , so we tell them we love them , and they give us a better stable life in return ..The Hammam is an ancient and time honoured institution of cleansing and bathing with roots in Roman and Arab cultures dating back to 600 AD.Originally for men only to gather and socialise, women were only allowed to use after an illness or after they had given birth.


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