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Odd dating trends 2016

Each episode investigates a different case, such as an attempt to rig a lottery or an environmental disaster caused by a company recklessly dumping toxic chemicals. adds a dash of levity, making even the most gruesome crimes fun to hear about.

Hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark both have backgrounds in comedy, and they have a lively rapport, with the podcast often veering into improv.

The show’s serialized nature gives the storytelling an added dramatic weight, as episodes often end on revelations that leave listeners wondering where the next episode will go.

Season 1 examines the case of Adnan Syed, a prisoner serving time for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee, but who claims to be innocent.

follows journalist Sarah Koenig and the show’s staff as they investigate a single story over the course of a season.I’m a life-long learner and am on a quest for new things to learn and do… Living by grace, I strive to be positive and purposeful…living large and loving all those who cross my path.The first season of follows Madeleine Baran’s exploration of the case, with a focus on the police investigation, and the ways in which it changed society and law enforcement — a distinct approach to the true crime genre.tells crime stories from around the world, using creepy music and sound design to unsettle listeners.follows the story of the abduction of Jacob Wetterling, whose disappearance in 1989 prompted a federal law implementing sex offender registration.Wetterling’s fate was unknown until 2016, when a man confessed to killing him. to see how ridiculous some of the upcoming trends are!Let’s take a peek at what 2017 hold for home decor enthusiasts… source One trend that I do not have in my home (but love) and is still going strong are upholstered headboards. If your room could use updating think about going with a fabric headboard like the one above. They are still a darling in the home decor industry sector! About 10 years ago almost every room in my home was yellow! Remember I’m taking a sensible, practical approach! Can you believe that all white walls may be fading and warmer tones of terracotta pots are coming on strong! JEWEL TONES source I’ve looked at so many trend predictors and they all agree on the insurgence of vibrant jewel tones coming on strong in 2017! Decorating with jewel tones is almost as hard as walking on a highwire! Think rich hand carved frames with gorgeous gold leafing and antiquing… source Modern geometric designs for curtains, bedding, pillows, and rugs are big, big big. We saw tons of blue in dinnerware this summer and I see it spilling over into home decor. They are so artsy that what they predict as a trend, only the uber wealthy or somewhat eccentric would even consider putting in their homes. And we are going to look at common sense trends in home decor for 2017! With all the demands of technology, people are wanting to have a place to unplug, unwind, read a book or pull out a magazine or newspaper! Not those tacky, cheap, gold frames or colonial the brass chandeliers . Not only to see what gorgeous items are available for my home but also… I think some “design experts” have lost their minds!


  1. December 2016 TVLine.com; See all. The Odd Couple 2015–2017 Comedy. deal with the complications of dating, commitment and marriage. Stars.

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