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Over sixties online dating

Dating doesn’t stop though, nor does life, and if anything at this age you probably know a bit better what you would love than what you did at twenty.

You can build new dreams, or explore the ones you never had time for before.

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There was undoubtedly an element of snobbery about it all.

We were constantly being told to make ourselves look older because fashion was directed at women over 30. We all admired her so much, but even though she was only three years older than me, I was very intimidated by her. In the late 1950s, Mary was the undisputed queen of the "Chelsea Set". That was part of the reason why I wanted to work there.

Her whole demeanour was quite like a headmistress - a very nice headmistress, but a headmistress nonetheless. My friends could come in to gossip and giggle - though we tended to shut up when Mary walked in. I've read a lot about the Chelsea Set subsequently and its importance, but it didn't feel like that at the time.

It's hard to appreciate now quite how radically different Mary's clothes were from anything else available at the time.

When I wasn't working in Bazaar, I would do modelling for magazines like Women's Own, Vogue and Queen and there it was all tweed suits, pinched at the waist, finished off with hats and gloves. She was the same generation as us and her short skirts, little white plastic collars to brighten up a black dress, and stretch stockings were what we wanted. We were just coming out of post-war rationing and we weren't used to having lots of clothes. The wages didn't stretch far, but it was bright pink and curvy with a scoop neck and bare shoulders and I was so proud of it.


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