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was all in negotiation until I signed the agreement on Oct. I was fired from my job for missing work because I was arrested and was in jail for 14 days before I could post bond to get out since then my charges against me have been dismiss for a crime someone e...

We have been told our division is closing down by late... If I go ahead with the request, wil..job with current employer because sold practice now new employer cant answer any of our question on benefits- salary.

Unemployment compensation benefits create a safety net for laid off workers and are considered one of the most efficient means of stimulating a distressed economy.

The federal government created unemployment compensation benefits in 1935.

Hello, I recently disassociated myself from a construction company in which I was the RMO (Responsible managing Officer of the corporation).

I was given this title about 4 months ago, but the people I...i'm recieving UI from the state of wisconsin but i can no long afford the house we rent and am moving to north carolina to stay with my daughter in-law ( my wife recieves ss) will i still be able to c... I've still been working for them, still getting paid. I was harassed and stalked by a volunteer/coworker and my boss did nothing because she is a friend of the harasser. We will be having a mediation an I want them to not prevent me from getting My job was recently eliminated and thus I am now unemployed. The two questions I have are as follows: 1) Should I have an employment lawyer review the...


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