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That congregation occupied the church until its sale to El Calvario in 1994.Oneness Pentecostal theology affirms that there exists only one God in all the universe. The Trinity does not assert that there are three gods but only one.In 1865, when the area was still known as University Heights, German immigrants built Emmanuel Evangelical United Bretheren Church.At the time, grand mansions dotted West 14th Street (then Jennings Avenue).By the mid-1930s, Emmanuel Evangelical had more than 300 regular members.

Oneness groups are decidedly Arminian in the doctrine of salvation.Like so many Tremont structures, Calvary Pentacostal Church has led many lives.In fact, the roots on its site at the corner of West 14th Street and Starkweather Avenue run about as deep as any church in the neighborhood.Gothic in nature, the new church’s architectural highlights include large pointed windows with hood moldings and corbel stops (decorative supports) on the front and sides.The entry porches and short steeple are more English in origin.No bridges connected the neighborhood with Ohio City or downtown.Services at the wooden structure were held until 1908, when the present yellow-brick facility was erected.There is within the Oneness movement an attempt to represent themselves in a modest and holy manner. However, sometimes it tends to become legalistic in that women are required to abstain from wearing makeup and pants. Likewise, men should be well-dressed--preferably in ties (this has been my experience with them).Such practices are not wrong in themselves and are good examples of propriety. The Trinity is the doctrine that there is one God who manifests Himself as three distinct, simultaneous persons.This is important because many groups who oppose orthodoxy will accuse Trinitarians of believing in three gods. The doctrine of the Trinity is that there is one God in three persons.


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