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The fictional Ankhsheshonq gives prospective fathers of brides this piece of advice: "Choose a prudent husband for your daughter; do not choose for her a rich husband." Year 23, Month 1 of the Planting Season, day 5.

This day, Telmontu declared to the Chief Workman Khonsu and the Scribe Amon-nakht, son of Ipui: "Cause Nakhemmut to swear an Oath of the Lord to the effect that he will not depart from my daughter." The Oath of the Lord which he swore: "As Amon lives, as the Ruler lives, if I should turn away to leave the daughter of Telmontu at any time, I will receive a hundred blows and be deprived of all profits that I have made with her.

Most matches were probably made between people who grew up together, or through arrangements made by the families, a state of affairs not highly conducive to romantic love.

Yet, ancient Egyptians fell in love, and there were times when they made their feelings known in – at times merely literary – outpourings of love songs, some celebrating mutual attraction, others hoping to make the object of their yearning respond.

They became increasingly common during the first millennium BCE.Marriage was a private matter, concluded between a man and a woman by setting up a common household and its main aim was procreation.It did not need the sanction of any public authority, be it secular or religious, though there is a New Kingdom letter describing how a crowd of villagers tried to force a man to commit himself publicly to his lover and make his wedding vows before a court of justice.But the life of the ordinary ancient Egyptian woman was restricted to doing household chores , though one should not forget that the options the average ancient Egyptian man had were barely more numerous.In a society where mobility was low and most of the population lived in small villages, the choice of partners was limited.The families of either partner were involved both socially and economically in case of a merger, but it seems they could not prevent a marriage not to their liking if the couple insisted on going ahead , though frequently the groom was significantly older than the bride as he had to be economically established.The influence a bride's parents, above all her father, had on these decisions was generally decisive.Newly-weds often received economic support from their families. ) 150 (pieces of silver) one cup 40 (pieces of silver) one kettle(?The dowries women brought with them remained their property, as did the seemingly mostly symbolic bride price. ) three hbb 100 (pieces of silver) one jug 100 (pieces of silver) one ...On Twitter, Anita Solomon who is Maje Ayida’s alleged ex-girlfriend is also all for uplifting messages and quotes with her timeline filled with retweeted positive messages – ranging from love to fitness and more.Some people nowadays seem to think that ancient Egyptian women lived in an almost ideal world of equality. They may have had more rights and independence than women in other ancient societies, but they were not treated as equals by men.


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