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Reasons for backdating income support love scotland lover scottish dating

You have to have an acceptable reason for claiming late. You must report changes in your circumstances which might affect your entitlement to this benefit.

I made my claim from jsa - income support on the 20th may 11' i had to get 2 letters from college saying i didnt pay for my course wich ended last june when i wasnt even claiming any benefit then and was working part-time.

xxx if all else fails go to citizens advice...it's free advice good luck basically i had to proove my government funded beauty course was paid for fully by the government even though i was not on any type of benefit then... and i rang the income support they said they would have made there decision by next monday .

Also they said because it took longer than a month to process they do not have to back date and the claim starts from the last point of contact wich is totally bizzare as i was very eager for money i rang them every week and i had be assured it would be back dated ..

"DWP submission basically claiming client should have sent in IS claim prior to DLA decision and then sought review of that dissallownce decision."????!!!!!

because it was hard to get these written and sent off and took income support a long time to process 1 month and 5 days i am now not getting anything backdate i have been wothout money since may i wrote a letter of reconcideration but ive heard nothing back has anyone else had this problem ?

hiyaaa..the date you made your claim so thats the 20th may (as you said) if you are entitled to income support they should fully backdate it to that date..with any other benefit like housing benefit.

i was supposed to claim employment support allowance..took them almost 6 months to sort out my claim in which time i had to borrow money from people to get by (i coudlnt claim job seekers between then as i had an active claim with esa pending) when i eventually got paid i got 162 pounds for the 5 weeks. just goes to show that they will do anything to avoid paying you...it's not fair really because i needed the money to get by..they dont care.

xxx I learned over 3 years that if you want something done from the jobcentre you need to contact them as either they don't or they do but don't tell you the full details or they leave it till it's to late.


  1. Check the best way to apply for Income Support and make sure you include all the right. at the end of the form where you can add your reasons for backdating.

  2. An Income Support claim can be backdated for up to three months before this date if you would have. You have to have an acceptable reason for claiming late.

  3. Others who want to know more about Income Support. Backdating a claim. Support solely on the grounds of being a lone parent, if your youngest child is.

  4. We may be able to backdate your housing benefit and council tax support if you can show that you have had good cause for not making your.

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