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Rodney king who is dating keke palmer

But Travolta never gave up – the movie was actually finished a few years ago, but John insisted on the right distributor and that took more time. Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News We have to give Alice Cooper’s wife Sheryl credit – she has put up with a lot during their 40 year marriage.

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It’s hard to imagine Kelly playing Victoria Gotti, but if the film is at Cannes, it can’t be bad.

They met a year ago at the Grand Prix and have been inseparable ever since.

So those romance rumors about Pam and Wiki Leaks hacker Julian Assange are not true – they really ARE just friends.

With her sons living on their own, Pam rented out her Malibu house and she and her golden retriever Zuzu moved in with Rami.

Pam says she always imagined she’d end up living in the South of France and she couldn’t be happier.


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