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Rules dating your neighbor

I believe some kids in school claim that she has a boyfriend, but she has never said that and actually denies it when questions arise.A few weeks ago she told me about a certain boy at school who has asked her out a few times, but she has declined because she "knows" how dad will react.

My son had a girlfriend by the time he was 13, my daughter was 14. I've already watched her flirt (quite skillfully) with boys her age, so I'm expecting this to happen early with her, too. I wasn't allowed to "date" until I was 16..even then, one or both of my parents tagged along. My 14 year old neighbor/babysitter talks about nothing but her boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend. She's hardly ever free to sit because she's with her boyfriend's family and away on all their church group's outreach things together.

In our household we see dating as the precurssor to marriage.

In fact they only person I claim to have ever dated was my husband and I was 29 when I met him. all the best, Susan I have a 13 year old and thankfully we aren't there YET but some of her friends are and some peers at her school are having sex already.

Our daughter knows that dating isn't allowed until.....says so! She is the oldest cousin on her dad's side and most of them are boys, so she is very comfortable around boys.

She has always seemed to be more of a tomboy and would rather hang around boys, which still happens at school, but in listening to their conversations that's all they are- friends.


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