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He reiterated that she had left home to get treatment in the past. "If she wants to take off and leave, she can do that.

I mean, I'm concerned for her, but, you know, these are decisions that she's making on her own that, that's gonna, you know, be what's best for her." From May to October, investigators chased several leads that led nowhere, including one of Theresa Lockhart being spotted in a Rochester Hills bar and another alleged sighting of her leaving Marshalls on West Main Street.

Police later found a copy of her resignation letter on Lockhart's phone.

A neighbor told police that day she had heard Lockhart yelling obscenities at his wife in their front yard, and said he was drunk and didn't seem concerned that he was screaming at his wife in public.

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"Nothing but death would have kept her from these events," Addington said.Lockhart told Portage police May 25 that his wife was having an anxiety attack the night she went missing.He said she was upset about losing her job and also about having to put down one of their cats.Killing wife was 'senseless act,' Lockhart says in suicide note Theresa Lockhart's disappearance set off a months-long manhunt for any clue of her.Meanwhile, Lockhart denied knowing anything about her disappearance, refused to cooperate with police and was arrested four times for several offenses.I live with it every moment of the day and I miss her so much.I didn't put her first, that was my biggest mistake." Theresa planned to resign Lockhart told police at the time his wife had issues with her job, and said she was planning on resigning.Police found Christopher Lockhart's body in his home on Poplar Bluff Court Oct.24 after he failed to report to the Office of Community Corrections. Police found Theresa's body that same day in Allegan County after seeing Lockhart's note.Police found her body less than a minute after starting the search, according to the reports.In the suicide note, Lockhart said he was drunk, arguing with Theresa May 18 and "snapped." He said he choked her to death.


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