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Sex chat with prepaid credit Mature chat and date

As a not-for-profit credit union, we don’t slant loan terms or push products that only benefit us.When you need a loan, we’ll point you toward the right one.However, many VPNs don’t work well in China and can be agonizingly slow.Since I do all my work on the internet, I NEED to have a fast connection.Data refills usually go for about 21 RMB for 1 GB of data.If you want to look at other plans on China Unicom check out their service site 10010

Just make sure that your phone is already unlocked, and you will have no trouble using a new SIM.

If you are thinking of staying in China for a long time (6 months) then you can consider signing up for a contract that will generally be cheaper in the long run.

I like to be flexible so I tend to stay away from contracts. Usually monthly service subscriptions (or “set meals” — the literal translation from Chinese) mean every month your account balance will be deducted a set fee, depending on what package you subscribed to.

Under the “wallet” section, there is an option to top up your mobile phone (general add money or buy data only).

For this you will need a bank card linked to your We Chat or some funds in your We Chat account (lucky money! You could also ask a Chinese friend to help you out with this, since any Wechat / Alipay account can be used to top up any phone number (just type it in and pay).


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