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However, the grand jury did not follow this direction and instead dismissed the indictment without prejudice allowing the state to reconsider the case at a future date.

The Special Prosecutor, his investigative team, and the CPS caseworkers who have been advocating for the fifteen children, allege that the Attorney General's office has lost evidence, misinterpreted their investigation, not proceeded with it's own investigation, interfered with the children's psychotherapy, and have removed the children from their foster care without concern for the well-being of the children.

Currently, the Special Prosecutor, his investigative team, and the CPS Caseworkers are being sued by some of the alleged child abuse perpetrators for malicious prosecution and other alleged improprieties.

The State of Texas has denied these individuals the option of state funded independent legal counsel, despite evidence of a conflict of interest between the Attorney General's office and these individuals.

On November 16, 1994, the Gilmer Police Department announced that five or six boxes of evidence gathered in the Kelly Wilson case had been taken from the property room of the Gilmer Police Department by personor persons unknown.

These boxes of exidence were copies of evidence which, while in the custody of the attorney general's office, were allegedly lost.

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The children reported that Danny and Connie's 5 children were also being abused.This child implicated his sexual abuse perpetrators and an area police officer in the abduction, rape, torture, and murder of Ms.Wilson, a 17 year old Gilmer resident who disappeared on January 5, 1992.These individuals further allege that the state of Texas, via the Attorney General's office, has retraumatized the children by forcibly removing them from their foster mother and by engaging in punitive and damaging strategies in order to command the children's cooperation.The State Attorney General has been unresponsive to residents of Gilmer and others who have attempted to lobby for the welfare of these child victims and requested a complete and thorough public disclosure regarding the circumstances of the children's victimization.Those children were also removed to foster care by CPS.These children accused two other people, Tammy Jo Smith and her live-in boyfriend, Don Holman, of abusing them and Tammy Jo's son, Raymond.Job applications are accepted only for any posted job at the time it is posted.Please pay attention to the Expiration Date, this will be the actual date the posting expires, if any job posting is extended it will be posted here also.One of the adults plea bargained to a lessor offense for which she has been convicted but not sentenced.Both adults submitted to polygraph evaluations whose results supported their confessions.


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