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Includes 2 undated clippings in reference bank robbery at Fort Gibson, I. -May 28, 1930 - Says John Selman photo came from A. Includes letter from William Simpson, attorney, who says has no photos. A pasted- on clipping indicated writer was killed in 1929.

Now planning to go to Phoenix to search for a copper-gold vein he spotted in 1895 near Jerome. 1, 1924 - Says moved to Hollywood to benefit from higher altitude "and to see the Hollywood flappers as they pass by." Says he credits Lamborn in new manuscript "Badmen Cowboys of the Early West." -June 7, 1937 - Passes on information about living Ex-Rangers who will attend annual reunion. a short time before he died and that his wife was Superintendent of Schools.The “Correspondence and Research” section should be noted because it contains a great deal of information about outlaws and peace officers at the turn of the century. Says Dan Ketchum wounded in shoulder, walked 15 miles to ranch and died on his way to Santa Fe. Overlooks Deming and promises Lamborn commission if he finds a buyer. 9, 1924 - Mentions photographs of several he says is saving for his own manuscript. Mentions Axelby Gang and Billy The Kid (but not Bonny) who led the "Staceyville" fight on the Little Missouri River. -May 5, 1936 - Suggests Lamborn look up William Bradford Grimes of Leavenworht, old cattleman. Said widow of Clay Allison married a Lee Johnson, says Lee, Jr . Much of this information is from friends, relatives, companies, law officers, etc., who had some connection or dealings with these individuals. Tells of Captain Willard telling him he and brother Fred Willard killed Billy The Kid of Montana on bank of Yellowstone River and left their bodies for the wolves and vultures. ] as a government mule skinner but was discharged as soon as her sex was discovered. Tells his experiences fighting a prairie fire near Perkins, S. says postmaster at El Paso Informed him John Gardner dead many years. Says books Hands Up and Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshal ridiculous and impossible of belief. Includes photo newsclip by Ben Mc Culloch's daughter, in reference to Hardin's career. Joe Clements denying Lake's statements about Clements boys. killed the Shaddon Boys because of tale bearing acquaintances that old man Manning killed by Joe Townsend at Ballinger, TX, Mar. Buried at Milburn, Mc Culloch Co., by fellow lodge members (Odd Fellows). Also copy of news clipping by Ernie Pyle in reference to Rose and his collection. 14, 1938 - Comments about recent National Frontiersmen Assoc. Includes envelope full of clippings about self and collection. -No Date - Elaborates on difficulties with Army College over sale of prints. Includes news clippings of interest in reference to Wyatt Earp by Anton Mazzanovich and Herbert Cody Blake. -May 22, 1942 - Acknowledges receipt of money for books promised in letter of May 15, 1942. 9, 1921 - Says going into Jemez Mountains to look for gold. Says Sallie Miller, Jim Miller's widow now running hotel at Ft. -May 8, 1936 - Discusses his current tack of obtaining afidavits to his rights to photos, includes some sample affidavits. Says came "here to die." Says Jim Mc Entire book is "Bum" and says Mc Entire was an opium fiend when he wrote it. Dodge to Marvin Hunter and inventory list of Vernon Lemley of Osborne, KS, a photo collector and dealer. 20, 1930 - Lists recent acquisitions, asks Lamborn's help in identifying. Mentions that a man he had arrested and sent to pen 15 years ago had been pardoned but recently shot at Medicine Bow, WY. 4, 1923 - Writes from San Diego where he is living with daughter and granddaughter.Boxes 2 and 3 of the Lamborn correspondence are available on Kansas Memory. It offers a unique look at the often romanticized periods of violent crime of this country in the late 1800s and early 1900s plus the roaring twenties and thirties. Lamborn’s collecting centered on these notorious periods of crime. Has no objection to inclusion of father's name in Lamborn's book if treated fairly but not in the way he was included in book on Carlisle. Was in Galeyville in 1881 and Burns-Lake writing all bunk. Good comments in regard to Johnny behind the Deuce Lynch trial. -May 30, 1935 - Information on Collins Brothers, hold-up of stage, death of Johnny Slaughter, Big Springs, NE, train robbery. Lamborn’s life long interest in crime, criminals and law officers. 15, 1947 - Is son of Hadsell and involved in capture of Bill Carlisle. 21, 1947 - Discusses fates of "Hole in the Wall" gang, many with whom Kemper claimed acquaintance. Writer says he is Deputy County Clerk in Independence, MO (Jackson Co.). Collection processed and finding aid prepared by: Waldo Koop Art De Backer -Nov. 20, 1915 - Says date in Log of a Cowboy not reliable as "book is largely fiction." Gives short sketch of Sam Bass and acts of gang.


  1. Oct 24, 2009. It was about this time that Kendra began dating Roberto. indicated that she was 100% satisfied with her activities for fun and in her sex life and dating. PubMed; Kelleher K, Chaffin M, Hollenberg J, Fischer E. Alcohol and drug disorders. PubMed; Kinsely JS, Barker SB, Ingersoll KS, Dawson KS.

  2. Search Kansas criminal and public records access statewide. Location and information of convicted sex offenders and predators by neighborhood. Date and location of marriage, name of groom and bride. Hill City, Hillsboro, Hillsdale, Hoisington, Holcomb, Hollenberg, Holton, Holyrood, Home, Hope, Horton, Howard.

  3. LETTERS OF A FREE-STATE MAN IN KANSAS, 1856 Edited by Nathan Smith. at least once in his adult life was extremely careless of his personal appearance. As will be seen, precise dating of many of the portraits, even after extended. The Hollenberg Ranch Pony Express Station, near Hanover, is now open for.

  4. The majority of the collection consists of newspaper clippings dating from 1915 to. mule skinner but was discharged as soon as her sex was discovered.

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