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And based on those numbers, I've calculated the market size estimators updated for 2013, for the regional/continental market sizes for smartphone sales this year.

I've added a dozen more smaller countries via their proxies, to indicate where we might find Norway or Macau or Kuwait etc.

So the other stronger brands in the US market would have sold approximately 800,000 Windows Phone handsets, which again would be consistent with the level of sales that is non-Nokia on a global level, with Windows Phone (as we heard, those manufacturers shrunk or ended their marketing of Windows Phone for non-US markets in Q4). So with those numbers, you can for example see, that the US market for smartphones in Q1 was about (using the formula: 210 million x 13% = 27.3) so 27.3 million actual units of smartphones sold. Here are the multipliers you can get rough estimates of quarterly market sizes, if you know the full year sales level (at 1 Billion for this year): Q1 = 21% = 210 million in 2013 Q2 = 22% = 220 million in 2013 Q3 = 25% = 250 million in 2013 Q4 = 32% = 320 million in 2013 TOTAL = 100% = 1 Billion smartphones in 2013 (This are based on 2012 numbers, expecting the ratio to be very similar this year, with the exception of if there is a major economic collapse that suddenly kills sales).So, these are the 30 countries who had at least 6 million or more smartphones in use by Q4 of 2012, ie at the end of the year. I should immediately point out, that several of the traditional smartphone leaders in terms of penetration rate are countries whose population is so small, they can't fit onto this table, ie Finland, Norway, Denmark (each with a population of 5 million), Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand (each with a population of 4 million). As a second sanity check, lets take another major market and another brand. The math suggests Chinese market to be about (Formula: 270 million x 21% in Q1 = 56.7) so 56.7 million units right now. If half of US phones sold roughly speaking now are smarpthones, that is again consistent with 1.4% smartphone market share. FOR MATH GEEKS And for those who want to do their own math at home, haha.. Half of all smartphones sold this year will go to Asia. So for China, 27% means 270 million smartphones this year as the Chinese market size, and for North America 13% means 130 million smartphones sold etc. This is new sales of smartphones this year, 2013, split by region: Source: Tomi Ahonen Consulting Analysis April 2013, projected from Mary Meeker Q4 2012 data and other smartphone market sources including Tomi Ahonen Phone Book 2012 This picture may be freely shared Note, as the market is expected to be very near exactly 1 Billion new smartphones sold this year, you can take those numbers and convert multiply the percentages by 10 to get the number sold.


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