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Sadly sexual harassment is not limited to the work place.Because Yemen society continues to look down on the "fairer sex", women will continue to be victimized and harassed wherever they go.A report published by al-Hayat - Pan-Arab newspaper - in 2012 alleged a study had shown that 90% of all Yemeni women had at one point or another in their life been subjected to some forms of sexual harassment, verbal or physical, without their perpetrators having ever been challenged by the authorities or the law.Although the figure was challenged by many Yemenis, it is the pernicious and widespread "habit' al-Hayat was trying to draw attention to.Yemen has a rapid population growth of 2.7 annually.

This will affect future marriage patterns and fertility patterns.Yemen only has an "Offending Acts in Public" which interpretation is often left to the judge.Article 273 of the Act provisions as criminal "any act which offends public morality or honor, exposes private areas or involves speaking indecently." Under the regulation, the guilty party cannot be condemned to more than six months of imprisonment or fined above 1000 YER - - Because the law fails to define what acts are reprehensible, the authorities are left free to interpret the law as they please or how it best serves them.Although the logic of their thinking often evade men themselves, many continue to entertain the idea that on some levels women actually instigate the harassment -- by the way they walk or not walk, talk or not talk -- In Yemen very few women can claim to have won the blame game.This tacit social agreement that women are always to blame, means women tend not to report harassment, by fear of being branded unrespectable or worse, accused of seeking men' attentions.Safe Streets an NGO focusing on sexual harassment published a series of testimonies highlighting realities on the ground back in 2012 as part of their campaign for women' rights.It recalled how on one instance a young girl sitting in a public bus dared to confront a man who had been trying to slip his hands through the front seat to stroke her back.Many activists have actively campaigned against sexual harassment in Yemen, calling on the government to establish a legal framework which will protect women and punish their attackers, sending a strong message to society.However, legal reforms alone will fail to address the root of the problem; society's perception of women and women social status in Yemen.Such cases of abuse are rather common in Yemen, mostly in urban settings where men and women are more prone to occupy the same public space -- work, school, markets -- Blame lies with the victim Although Yemeni women are much more covered than many of their Arab counterparts, a good majority wearing not only the traditional black Abbaya but also the Niqab - black veil covering a woman's face - women are still for some reason considered a highly desirable object for men the second they step away from their home.A young Yemeni woman joked that Yemeni women should come up with a devise making them invisible to men in order to be left alone. And then maybe we will be able to walk down the streets without wanting to hurl something at someone," commented Alya a Yemeni history student in Aden.


  1. Prostitution in Yemen is illegal but common especially in Aden and in the capital, Sana'a. Prior to the conflict, most child sex tourists in Yemen were from Saudi Arabia, with a smaller percentage originating from other Gulf nations, including.

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