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A registrar shall not register a birth or death after the expiration of six months from the date of such birth or death, except upon receiving the written authority of the Principal Registrar issued in accordance with the rules, and upon payment of the prescribed fee.

The Principal Registrar shall provide each registrar with such register books and forms as may be required, and with such instructions as he may consider necessary, for the registration of births and deaths in his registration area.

On the receipt of a notice from a registrar under section 19(2) of this Act, the Magistrate or police officer, or any person specially empowered by the Minister in that behalf, shall cause such inquiries to be made as to the cause of the death as he may think fit or as may be prescribed.

75) applies, Where a person registering a death does not produce to the registrar any of the instruments mentioned in sub-section (1) of this section, the registrar shall forthwith fill up, so far as the particulars thereby required are ascertainable by him, the form of death report referred to in paragraph (c) of that subsection and forward the same to the nearest magistrate or police officer, who shall, if after making the inquiries required by section 20(1) of this Act he is satisfied that the case is not one to which section 386 or section 387 of the Criminal Procedure Code applies, make in the prescribed form the report required by section 20(2) of this Act.

Full birth certificates are required for first-time British passport applications. If you wish to amend details or record new information on birth certificates you must apply to the Registrar General for authorisation.

If this is agreed the Registrar General will provide instructions to the local registrar who will arrange an appointment for you to sign the amendment as correct.

a death report in the prescribed form upon which a magistrate or police officer has certified that the death is not one to which section 386 or section 387 of the Criminal Procedure Code (Cap.

You may record new or different forenames(s) in a birth record within 12 months of the date of registration. You may also add the natural fathers’ details where the parents marry, where a Declaration of Parentage is issued by the court and where a Parental Order is issued for a child born through surrogacy.

Where any living new-born child is found exposed, it shall be the duty of any person finding such child, and of any person in whose charge such child may be placed, to give to the registrar of the registration area in which such child is found, within seven days of the finding of such child, such information of the particulars required to be registered concerning the birth of such child as the informant may possess.

No person shall be entered in the register as the father of any child except either at the joint request of the father and mother or upon the production to the registrar of such evidence as he may require that the father and mother were married according to law or, in accordance with some recognized custom.

A certified copy of any entry in any register or return purporting to be sealed or stamped with the seal of the Principal Registrar shall be received as evidence of the dates and facts therein contained without any or other proof of such entry.

It shall be the duty of the Principal Registrar to compile, after the close of each year, a summary of the births and deaths of such year, and a report on the increase or decrease of the population of Kenya and on any special causes appearing to affect the same.


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  5. You will be seen by a registrar and the appointment should take no more than half an. This will show the baby's full name, sex, date of birth, and district of birth.

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