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He was born in Norton April 18, 1763, and served in the Revolution in -1779, 17. ^ A SPECIMEN OF THE LEDGER OF JONATHAN HODGES, SENIOR.

In these pages he is always called Jonathan Hodges, Junior, to distinguish him from others of the same name. He was the fathei- of Almon Danforth Hodges, who signed his name as follows : ji_ /% 1 Ni .

re therefore carefully and dilgemly to difchai^ the Duty of a « W^^/i.'/c'^ ///'^^'^»f- in 'eading, ordering and exerciling fid ^'m/i/tru/ . that, according to a statement made by his son, he never realized a cent from it.

And where any Peribn or Pvrfons (Kill rrmove frt Kn your Town, not having firft paid the refpe-flivc Sums cm Prouortion fet upon him or them in Cud Tax or Af&Isment i you uc hereby authorize and imnowered to detcand the Sum or Sunjs afld Tt-d upon fuch Peribn or Perfons, in what Town or Place foevcr ha or they may be found witl jn this Province i and upon rcfufal or ncglrfl to pay the Ume» to• r^-TT^-^ You ?

The hammer-heads fitted closely into the wooden trough, the upper surface of whose bottom was curved to correspond with the bottom of the hammer-heads. A bomb exploding among us could hardly have caused greater consternation. I dis- tinctly recollect going once to the corn-barn in this state of somnambulism, and piling up the pumpkins, and being greatly troubled because some of the turbulent vegetables would roll down from the pile, on purpose, as I thought, to vex me.After liis decease the mill building was moved near the highway and converted into a dwelling house, in which Sarah Caswell, the elder daughter of Jonathan Hodges, Junior, lived for some years with her family. Woollen cloth, as is well known, shrinks and tliickens — that is, " fulls " — when it is wetted, unless it has been pre- viously treated. They were, as designated by him, baize, bear- skin cloth, bed blanketting, chaise lining, cloaks, cloak lining, cloth [ordinary woollen cloth], coats, coat lining, coat pat- terns, coverlids, curtains, flannel, fringe, gloves, habits [riding habits], jane [cotton jean], josey [jersey cloth], kerseymere [cassimere], lambskin cloth, pantaloons, ribbon, riding hoods, silk gowns, silk veils, skirts, small clothes [knee- breeches], stockings, surtouts, velvet, westcoats [waistcoats], westcoat patterns, worsted yarn. This is the only Allen death at this period registered in the Norton vital records. One Veil-remembered night seemed to me extraordinarily long, — so long that I asked my mother, who was sitting up with me, if two nights had not come together.The shrinking is hastened if the wet cloth is beaten or pounded. And he also bought constantly brimstone for bleaching, and soap (11 to 22 cts. The colors which he produced, some now rare or unknown, were : — black, blue, navy blue, Prussian blue, British mud, camwood, cinnamon, dark cinnamon, crocus, dove, drumhead, fustic, dark fustic, green, bottle green, olive green, dark olive green, lead, London brown, London brown with camwood, London smoke, London weed, peach-bloom, pearl, red, slate, smoke, snuff, snuff-brown, yellow. Cii ^ ^^$^0a most respects, but it was voted unanimously by the pupils, both girls and boys, that "he was not Master Braman." He certainly was not Mastei; THE OLD COUNTRY SCHOOL. She, probably not understanding my question, or perhaps being only partially awake, answered simply " Yes." And for years I was possessed with the idea that two nights had really come together. Jonathan Hodges, ninth child of Jonathan, thus signed his name when he was captain of a Norton militia company. Samuel Danforth of Taunton, bought from his father the homestead farm and the fulling mill in Norton, and died in the year 1814. io Arms, both inferior OScers and 5 vldiers, and to keep them in good Order and Difciplioc ; hereby commanding them to obey you as dieir • i',-'~y'^/-^ji/fria-n-l andyout(elf to obferve and follow fuch Orders and Inftiuftions, as you (hall from time to time receive fxm Me, or the Commander in Chief for the Time being, or other your fuperior Officers for His Majefty's Service, according to nxilitary Rules and Difcipline, purfuant to the Trufl repofed in yoa Chen under my Hand and Seal at Arms at'^oyx otfy the 'T^? ./ Day of ^^''n-j/'/) - — In the ./^'/r A/ /^7j/ Tear of the Reign of His Majefiy King CEOK(J! the Second, Annoq; Domini, i 7/^, ■cv/) 7 '^r A^i/^/ -/«^--^--/ "~ COMMISSION OF JONATHAN HODGES, CLOTHIER. He married, in 1790, Sarah Danforth, great-granddaughter of Rev.The cloth was then tentered, or stretched between two horizontal beams (supported on vertical posts) to which it was attached by means of tenterhooks, and left to dry in the air. The time had then come for me to cease play and begin serious work. He could catch more muskrats, rabbits and fish, and could shoot more crows in a season, than any other boy in town.After this it was carded, by being hung in a vertical po- sition and combed by hand with a tool resembling a curry- comb. But I have always held tlie old place in loving remembrance, and since leaving Norton it has been my good luck to be able to participate a couple of times in the school exliibitions with some of my old schoolmates. Horton The tohole to conclude with the farce called THE WAGS OF WINDSOE Deputy Bull I. But ordinary labor was his abomination, and he had his own peculiar ways of dodging it.localities, but probably were fashioned after the same general pattern. The mill consisted essentially of a wooden box or trough in which swung to and fro, alternately, a pair of wooden ham- mers, as may be seen in the accompanying illustration. Volum endured this, as he afterwards said, until he saw stars shooting about in various directions. Sometimes the family were awake and my brothers or sisters tickled my ears with a straw, causing me extreme pain.What is here described is that which was used in the town of Norton. The hammer-heads were solid wooden blocks, approximately a foot wide, a foot and a half high, three feet long at the bottom which was rounded from front to back, and a foot and a half long at the top. The sloping front was shaped into a series of small horizontal steps, so to speak. Then, shouting in tones which outrivalled those of the greatest tragedians, " Let me alone or I'll draw upon you, ye villain ! Generally my sleep- walking occurred between the hours of one and three in the morning, and lasted until the painful sensation of cold awoke me.Jonathan Hodges utilized (48) AN OLD NEW ENGLANDER CLOTHIER. [2] To Colar green on 20 yards of thin Cloath or 10 of thicke Scowar your Copper Cleen and your Winles [windlass ? Then all at once our sky was darkened by a violent tempest. Hodges In the course of the joi'ece the Songs of Novel Beading O By Caleb Quotem Parish Clerk Do. I had previousl}^ promised the master of the Centre School, Alvin Perry, to assist his pupils in getting up some plays at the end of the school term, and when the time came, although I was exceedingly busy, I felt bound to keep my promise. Perry had fitted up Wood's Hall with a well-arranged stage, with side scenes, rolling curtains, etc., and on the even- ing of April 16, 1823, a large audience assembled. Hodges), my cousins, Thomas M., Mary J., and Edward R. A COUNTRY CHILD'S EVERYDAY LIFE.* '';^T was perhaps in 1804, when I was about three ^ years old, that I went with my mother to the funeral of Mr. who died in the next house to ours, — the residence of my uncle, George Hodges. I attended the funeral and recollect the prayer of Rev. I recollect also that Benajah Tucker and his family occupied a part of our house at this time. Some years later Elias Cobb and his wife and small son lived with us. Cobb was subject to fits, during which she would groan and scream.49 the mill likewise to " break " liides, that is, to moisten and soften the hides preparatory to removing the hair and tanning. ] ad in 1 Barel of Warter ad 1 Pound of alom ad in 1 half Pecke of Wheat Brand make your Lyker [liquor] to Boyle then Run and Coo U 2 houres then heve out your Lyker and rence your Cloath fill up as much Warter as before ad 3 Pound of forsticke [fustic] Boyle this three houres heve out your Chips [of fustic] Let your Lyker Cool Down then run your Cloath then Bring It to a Boyle and so ground up to a good Yalow [yellow] To Saden of [sadden off or shade] to a green ad into your Dy as much of your Compound a Bove as you Can hold on your Stur- ing [stirring] Sticke Stur up your Dye well and so Run and ad your Stuf untill you have got a good green. A new boy named Volum came to our school this winter. The bill announced : A Favorite Play in Two Acts, called foktu:ne's frolic. My mother lifted me up so that I could look into the casket. In the beginning I was greatly alarmed by her cries, which frequently roused me from deep sleep, but very soon I grew accustomed to them ; and so soon as I became aware that " it was only Mrs. I well remember the day long famous in New England as "the cold Friday " — January 19, 1810 — when there was a remarkable change of temperature.


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