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The Apostolic United Brethren Church in Utah told the family not to come back after news of Meri's online affair went public.

The church revealed that the controversy surrounding the affair was too public for them.

Although Kody has a relationship with each of his wives, according to reports, he only sleeps with wife number four Robyn (the only one he's currently legally married to).

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It's a big no-no for a Mormon to engage in premarital sex, but Kody's fourth wife Robyn revealed that she did just that while she was in college.

Once again, Jackie Overton was the source for this information and we're not entirely sure how much validity it truly has.

However, if that's the case, we're sure he'll find replacements in no time.

The family started the show living in Utah but have since relocated to Nevada thanks to their more lax laws. That's right, Kody is one busy guy, and although he's quite willing to share his polygamist family with the rest of the world through the show, there are still plenty of secrets about his wives that this guy wouldn't want out.

Wife number one, Meri, did not always only have eyes for Kody.


  1. Jun 8, 2014. The 44-year-old polygamist shared his conservative views in a sneak peek clip of the upcoming season premiere of Sister Wives.

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  3. Feb 18, 2018. On Sunday's episode of TLC's Seeking Sister Wife, Dimitri. went out with a woman named Jocelyn, and after their first date they hooked up.

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