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It turns bad when Amber wants to know who Andi's real father is and asks Andi to reveal him to the guests, causing Andi to retreat to the Andi Shack.As Bex starts to talk to Andi, Cyrus warns them that Celia and Ham have returned, and the partygoers are told to leave.When Andi later questions Ham about her father, however, she gets no information.Although Ham has given Bex the email address of Andi's father, all that comes out of any communication is "hey".Meanwhile, Jonah sets up Cyrus on a date with a girl named Iris, as part of a double date with Jonah and Amber.

This infuriates Celia and Ham, but they know they must come to terms with this revelation.In their absence, Bex persuades Andi to have her first party at the house.The party is attended by Andi's schoolmates, Jonah, and even Amber.Since the revelation that Bex is Andi's mother, Celia still does not want Andi to call her by different grandmother names. Devlin is the librarian at Andi's school, and recalling that has not changed since she went there, Bex encourages Andi into watching scary movies, which Celia has kept Andi from experiencing. , with Bex there in case she gets too scared, though Bex ends up falling asleep.The movie indeed scares Andi so much, that the next day, she falls asleep in class and receives detention, which prevents her from attending her first Space Otters frisbee match with Jonah.Meanwhile, Buffy joins the track and field relay team and her obsession with winning becomes costly.Later, as Bex goes through a box of things from her youth, and Andi learns more about her, Andi also stumbles across a picture of someone from Bex's past whom she believes to be her father. Zhang as Brittany After Andi questions Bex about the identify of the man in the photo she found, Bex is hesitant and continues to avoid discussion about Andi's father.Andi tells her friends Cyrus and Buffy that she has joined the school frisbee team with Jonah, but has yet to tell them about the more important, life-changing discovery concerning her and Bex.While hanging with Andi in her shack, Cyrus and Buffy come across the picture of Bex with the newborn Andi, concluding Bex has a "secret baby" but not knowing that baby is Andi.Later, when Cyrus and Buffy keep harping about the secret baby, Andi reveals to them that she is the secret baby while also telling them that Amber is wearing the bracelet she gave to Jonah.Both Andi and Amber stare at each other for several minutes, diverting the attention away from the secret baby talk.


  1. Putting a new spin on blind-dating this reality show sends six singletons into a dark date each week to see if looks really do matter. The show's created by the.

  2. List of Andi Mack episodes Andi Mack is an. but Buffy gets annoyed by TJ. even though the two are not really dating.

  3. Bruce Springsteen's official music video for 'Dancing In The Dark'. Click to listen to Bruce Springsteen on Spotify.

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  5. Not Showing this week Sorry Dating in the Dark is not on in the following week.

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