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Transition dating living together

I guess in her defense she asked if I wanted to go with but I was looking forward to actually getting to spend some quality time with her.

Then on the day before her friend asked her to go to ren fair and she said yes to it before saying something to her friend that we had plans let me see if my husband is okay with that.

Maybe I am the irrational one that actually thinks about doing what I feel is best for the marriage? She pays the other half of rent and buys few groceries here and there when I forgot to pick something up or we need it to finish a meal.

Her parents pay her car insurance because it "sometimes used for their business" and they pay for her cell phone.

I have been doing some thinking over the last few days about what I need in order to stay in the relationship with my wife.

I have always felt like there has been a lack of commitment on her side.


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  2. We talked about how it would be nice to spend the day together. said that I would need it if I was living on my own so. you transition from dating to.

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