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Ubuntu server updating

On a stock system with no custom configuration, it should be safe to enter y here.On a system you have modified heavily, you may wish to enter d and inspect the list of packages to be removed, in case it includes anything you'll need to reinstall later.You need NOT to make any changes to this file until and unless you need extra repositories for your setup.Type the following apt-get command: in addition to performing the function of upgrade, also intelligently handles changing dependencies with new versions of packages; apt-get has a “smart” conflict resolution system, and it will attempt to upgrade the most important packages at the expense of less important ones if necessary. The /etc/apt/file contains a list of locations from which to retrieve desired package files. It works like Microsoft or Red Hat update manager i.e.Next, you may be warned that a mirror entry was not found. This download will take about 46 seconds with your connection. Once the download has finished, the process cannot be canceled.

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If package is already installed it will try to update to latest version.

First, open the Terminal application and type following two commands (Application Please note that above two commands will fetch files from the Internets or local mirrors.

The location of update pages is specified in /etc/apt/(repositories).

If anything goes wrong with the running ssh you can still connect to the additional one.

If you run a firewall, you may need to temporarily open this port.


  1. I have latest version of Ubuntu Linux LTS server. How do I update Ubuntu Linux for security and application fix/upgrades using ssh command line? How can I.

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  3. I have an Ubuntu 7.10 Server running and finally there is time to upgrade it. ;- The updating mechanism does not work anymore. Is it actually possible to upgrade.

  4. Upgrading. There are several ways to upgrade from one Ubuntu release to. The recommended way to upgrade a Server Edition installation is to use the do-release.

  5. Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things.

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