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Similar to other Escort radar detectors, like the Max 360 and the Passport Max2, the 9500ix detects the X-band, K-band and Ka-band radar frequencies at the same time or separately, depending on your needs.It can detect radar guns using instant-on or POP modes, which are quick-action modes on radar guns designed to beat radar detectors.By using the Bluetooth-enabled Smart Cord, you can connect the 9500ix to your smartphone to use the Escort Live app.This connects you to a community of users reporting live information of potential threats.

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This provides the eyes to your alerts, allowing you to know where potential threats are coming from.Escort updates the database constantly with new locations so you can stay current.However, the Defender database updates require a subscription after the initial 90-day trial period.Nearly every radar detector manufacturer markets each device it sells as "the most technologically advanced radar detector on the road." The Escort Passport 9500ix is one of the few radar detectors that comes close to backing that claim up.It offers exceptional range and accuracy with very few false alerts.The internal GPS provides comprehensive alert features, and the compatibility with the Escort Live app connects you to a community of radar detectors for alerts in real time.To evaluate the performance of each radar detector in our review, we scrutinized user reviews from a number of websites, primarily Amazon and Crutchfield.We also consulted with expert hobbyists that have tested radar detectors comprehensively.After these evaluations, we gave the Escort Passport 9500ix an A- for detection performance.Where a radar alert usually comes with plenty of time to adjust your speed before an officer sees you, a laser alert means a laser has been aimed directly at your car.In other words, it's more of a notification that law enforcement has recorded your speed than a warning.


  1. Hospital passport We are currently updating our hospital passport service. During this time we ask that you please print and handwrite any new hospital passports, or.

  2. The Escort Passport 9500ix comes loaded with thousands of red-light camera and speed-camera locations. See where it ranks among the best radar detectors here.

  3. The process to change your name on your passport varies depending on your situation. Please see the chart below to find the process that applies to you. Please note You do not need to submit proof of the name change if your name has changed due to marriage and you present an ID issued in your new.

  4. Hi i have a small problem and think i'm just not getting the correct syntax on one line of code. basically, i can write into my csv file and find a specific record.

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