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Updating custom firmware

I’ve written a script (called fw_hackify.sh) which will optionally download (if –fetch option specified), then modify an official Circle firmware image to include/run a new script (for this example, that script is hackme_add_user.sh) as the final step of the firmware installation (before the reboot).

A standard firmware update image from Circle includes a script called update_which is run as the final step of the installation.

Before we start our tutorial on using Samsung Odin and installing a Samsung firmware update, I’d like to take a moment and talk to you about phone unlocking.

If the camera is turned off during the update procedure, it might cause a malfunction and damage your camera.To avoid causing a malfunction, please read the following carefully before updating the firmware.Please use 512MB or larger CF card and format the card in the camera body.I am not actively working on this (too busy with other things), so don’t expect another exploit from me.In my earlier Firmware Updates post, I mentioned that it’s possible to download an official Circle firmware update, modify it to add a custom user/password to /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow, then upload that firmware to your Circle device.But, you can replace it with any script you want to run on the Circle device as the last step of the install.The Circle API command “UPLOAD_FIRMWARE” can be used to upload/install the new firmware.Please carefully review the scripts I’ve included here and make sure you understand them and are comfortable with the changes before installing any hacked firmware.Yesterday, I pointed out the fact that the latest firmware will delete the ‘root’ password from /etc/shadow (as part of a switch to using key-based ssh access).Update: ‘eku952’ posted a comment letting me know that this no longer works.I’ve done some investigation, and found that Circle now does an RSA signature verification of the downloaded firmware (a 512-byte RSA signature is appended to the end of the firmware image).


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