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when I create a file on a server (server1), the group of this file is the number of the group and not its name.

when I create a file with this group on another server which depends of another NIS slave, the file is created with the group name.

If it isn't, make sure ypbind is running and that each machine is bound to an NIS server using ypwhich.

As for the ypxfer, assuming you haven't mucked around with the Makefile in /var/yp, the timestamps on the group source and the dbm group maps (i.e.

Such a structure enables you to nest the target and dependency pairs at an arbitrary depth, letting you build complex hierarchical structures of user space.

Make programming is fairly straightforward for non-programmers: basically, we write a sequence of commands which describes how your target file can be constructed from source files.

On which machine is ypcat failing to show the correct info?

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But a total re-init would give you a completely clean slave.When changing a map, you need to start with editing the source file.For example, in editing /etc/hosts, add server1 ( to the file.Even though the source file has been edited, the NIS subsystem is not yet aware of the changes: Password map is a special case as for some strange reason only for it NIS provides automatic synchronization capability (may be because out of selection of NIs-controlled files it is the most frequently changed ).If the NIS master is running the command on any NIS client.Managing NIS maps Creating the list of slave servers on the master Updating NIS Server Maps Building Maps with make NIS maps are databases that specify certain system information such as user names, passwords, and host names, in a database format called DBM.Whenever you need to modify an NIS map, you should do so on the master server and then propagate the changes to the slave servers.The make utility is essentially a build manager that maintains integrity of a collection of program modules, a collection of programs or a complete system - does not have be programs in practice can be any set of interdependent ( e.g. The reasons for make creation were the following: NIS maps also need to be build from the source files, the process somewhat similar to compilation of C programs.The dependencies as simple as they are in this case can be specified in make file.passwd in Solaris 2.6 and higher check to see if the password file is managed by NIS, and invoke yppasswd if this is the case.The procedure of changing the password should end with the line " While the reliability of NIS is much better then NIS it is not 100% and sometimes maps fail to propagate.


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