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Webcam chat infidelity

I later found some of the emails but after I realized he was using 2 servers and I did not know about it. I always thought my best friend was crazy for mistrusting her husband, who had never given him any reason. Lots of nights on the internet, blamed on insomnia created by a medication he was on. My husband told me he took some women he had just met of course didn't believe him.He did this to cover the usage of hours on the provider we shared or rather I knew about. She constantly was going through his things and checking up on him. She says that if men end up at the wrong place at the wrong time, they will cheat. He created my own e-mail address, so I wouldn't be sharing his. Any way he went away this week for three days with some friends he came back last night I thought everything was find until he came home early today and had to take something over his mom he left his work bag in the house I went through it and found flavored condoms inside.I'm so glad there are other people who understand all this - what has hurt me most is that he's apparently told all his work-mates about his 'affair' too - and he has an album of photos of his 'lover', as well as snail mail from last man well i caught him cheating on me with my best friend but now im dating this man i love so much and im just happy hes out of my life i was so mad when i saw him on my bed having sex with my best friend.i work nights and husband is on late he has 2 buddies that are females the one has gotten between us and has put pressure on our marriage she says she loves him and they plan to meet he says its all lies but still remains friends with her.he also says he loves me and would never meet anyone online he just likes to chat and flirt.I confronted him about it and he told me he had went out with a female co-worker to talk about our relationship problems.I'm not that's stupid to fall for another dumb excuse like that.

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I took a look, and they were both from a woman, using words like 'lover' and 'sweetheart' with lots of kisses! I then waited until he was out, and took a look at his e-mails.

I should not have moved in but now I have sold my home and have a short term government contract job which is nearing an end.

I have started looking for another home but now my 16 year old daughter is stable in her school and has made many friends.

They don't car about the effects it might have on the so called loved ones. He was great for the first six months, very similar to our courting period, but soon lost interest.

My husband is always on the internet in chat rooms. Then he gets on again at 6 am before going to work. He allows me to pay some of his bills, buy gifts for his kids and make modifications to his home.


  1. Cyber Straying Is Online Sex. I discovered that he's been surfing porn sites and going to chat rooms to have sex. Which Kind of Infidelity Feels.

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